Meridian - Sooloos

Meridian Sooloos HD afspiller med 1Tb og 15" touch skærm, vores demo.

Sooloos is a phenomenal music server that combines style and performance in equal measure. Music lovers with large collections will be hard-pressed to find something that does a better job at any price. The company also plans to shortly introduce photo, movie, and online component that will be compatible with all its existing systems. Based on how Sooloos handles music, these additions should catapult the system into rare rritory indeed, making it a real contender for the title of ultimate server.


While this is by no means inexpensive,it is a game changer for Sooloos. If we make a quick comparison to its nearest competitors from QSonix, McIntosh, Naim and B&O, the Sooloos actually has more features, more functionality and greater expandability than its rivals, which are all priced very closely.

13.900,00 DKK